How it Works.


We work with you; your schedule, your processes, your people, your culture. Pick a plan or let’s develop a custom solution that’s just right for you.



Your Success is Our Success — At BIM6x we don’t get in the way of your business. We work with it. We understand that you have projects to finish, clients to pay attention to, and staff to keep busy. But we are more than just ARCHICAD experts, we are training experts, we are implementation experts. We listen to you and work your way to achieve success together. We can guide you to achieve that success quickly and happily, but rest assured we will work with you every step of the way. Depending on your exact business needs, the following may change order, but all can be included in your journey:


The Right Fit — If you relate to anything we’re saying, please contact us! There’s absolutely no obligation and you may just learn a few things, or even make a new friend! At BIM6x we are not pushy salespeople or know-it-all tech geeks, so please don’t worry. Whether you’ve been using ARCHICAD a little or a lot, we can discuss your needs and see if we can work together. At this point we may ask to analyze one of your typical projects and/or fill out Request For Information, so we can detail your issues. We may suggest a plan or a custom solution. Availability is strictly limited. We also want to find the right fit for us! If we agree to move ahead we’ll do some paperwork and hit the ground running!

Initial on-site Meetings

Building a Relationship — The next step is to arrange a face-to-face meeting with you and your staff. The best way to help you is to fully understand your business. We will come to you. We want to know your goals, your challenges, your expectations. We’ll also take the time to assess everyone’s ARCHICAD skills plus audit your software, hardware & infrastructure. From here we will define a protocol and set up the best mutual arrangement for working together. This is also where we provide you access to your own dedicated space on our servers for collaboration and correspondence. This initial on-site meeting is included as part of the Platinum and Gold plans and can be added on to the Silver plan.

Implementation Planning

Know What Success Looks Like — We have been implementing ARCHICAD for years. So whether you’ve just bought the program, or if you’ve been a user for 20 years, we’ll work with you to quickly customize an implementation plan that we’ll also use as a checklist to make sure we stay on the right track. This will cover everything from technology, to infrastructure, to consultants, to personnel. You will know exactly where you are every step of the way.

Template Setup & Maintenance

The Most Critical Part — Apart from ARCHICAD itself, the most critical part in making you efficient and productive and enjoying your work, is your ARCHICAD Template. We will custom build a template that suits your exact business needs. A template that automates your documentation and output, takes advantage of the I in BIM through smart data management, labeling and schedules, simplifies consultant collaboration, creates professional renderings, and makes BIMx a breeze. As creators of the GRAPHISOFT North America Template, we have the intimate knowledge on how to keep your template up-to-date with the out-of-the-box template and always compatible with the latest ARCHICAD Library.


A Targeted Approach to Getting Productive Fast — Based on your business requirements and staff knowledge, we will create a highly effective training plan. This often involves training champions first on a real project, or sometimes a group effort works better. We will guide you on the best way to up-skill yourself and your staff with limited disruption or expense.


Raise the Bar — Part of your training plan may involve getting new users familiar enough with the software to start using it immediately for production work. In that case the upcoming ARCHICADemy introduction course will be the perfect place to get started. Always up-to-date and easy to use, this fully supported e-learning course will ease them into ARCHICAD and build their confidence quickly. By the end of the 20 hours they will be productive and ready for a more intermediate level of training.


Help When You Need It — By now you will have your champions productive with ARCHICAD, but they will still have questions. We encourage and facilitate you and your staff to form a list of questions and then conduct remote support sessions, where we can share each other’s screen and answer questions on real projects. If we can’t answer anything on the spot, we guarantee follow up answers. And we have the resources at GRAPHISOFT Tech support in both North America and directly at HQ in Budapest, for high priority support cases.


Urgent Issues Solved Quickly — There’ll always be problems that stump you, especially as a deadlines approach. But don’t worry, you’ll have direct access to our priority email and phone support systems. We’ll hold your hand the whole time.


Collaborate with Clients & Consultants — Whether you want to share your ARCHICAD Projects via Teamwork on a BIMcloud, collaborate with your Revit® consultants via IFC, or provide high quality BIMx models with your clients, we’ll provide expert guidance backed by GRAPHISOFT.


At any time, we can implement one of the following depending on your demands, budget and schedule. The following can be incorporated in your included support hours, unless stated otherwise:


All Those Little Things — Making DWG Translators work with your consultants, setting up unique Graphic Overrides, Revision Management, & Publisher Sets. Streamlining your Attributes, setting up Classifications and Properties then pulling that data out into smart labels and Schedules, Creating Favorites. There’s too many to list, but we can do it!

BIMcloud setup & maintenance

Teamworking Made Easy — If BIMcloud or BIMcloud Basic is something that suits your workflow, we can help. Whether you have your own in-house server, a remote server or prefer BIMcloud Software as a Service (SaaS) we can get you up and running in no time. And if you have an existing BIM Server or BIMcloud, we can help you maintain it and migrate it & your projects to always remain current.


Fear No More — Let us migrate your projects from any version to the most recent version of ARCHICAD. We can navigate you through all the pitfalls of migrating Teamwork projects with multiple consultants, or simply migrate a solo project and manage your library migration. There’s no need to fear migrating projects any longer!


Stay Current — We can advise on the best timing and strategy for keeping ARCHICAD completely up-to-date. And we can do it for you remotely via VPN or screen-sharing. We can also advise on the state of updating your operating system and timing it with ARCHICAD hotfixes.

Onboarding New Staff

Create your own ARCHICAD experts? — We have trained thousands of new ARCHICAD users, all around the world. Either on-site or remotely, and whether they are fresh out of college, have AutoCAD, Revit, SketchUp or any other previous experience we know almost all the questions they’ll ask, so your staff will onboard quickly and be productive right away.


Making it Perfectly Clear—There’s little use in having a fantastic software, an amazing template, great training and efficient workflows if existing staff don’t know all about it, and new hires can’t pick it up quickly. We’ll write an easy-to-understand and fully illustrated BIM Manual or other documentation for your staff to follow. This can be in the form of a PDF or an internal website, complete with videos.


Transition to your own BIM Manager— If you want to become a BIM Manager but don’t know how, let us guide you. We can provide instruction on what to expect, how to manage the hardware, software, processes, data, people, everything it takes to manage ARCHICAD & BIM.

on-site VISITS

Finger on the Pulse — There’s nothing like being in your office to keep your finger on the pulse and the same goes for us! Being there to talk with you and your staff, seeing your documentation first hand, meeting with your consultants, all of these things are extremely beneficial to mutual accountability and overall progress of your success. On-site visits are included in the Gold and Platinum plans and can be added on to those and the Silver plan.


Boost Your Knowledge — ArchiBOOSTs are 2 hour screen-shared ARCHICAD training sessions. If you run out of support hours you can add these to any plan at discounted rates. See Plans + Pricing for discounted rates and find out more information at


Check Your Progress — ArchiCHECKUPs are 116 point checks that comprehensively examine your ARCHICAD project for issues related to Size, Speed and Structure. These gauge how well your projects are put together and make sure you’re using best practice techniques. These are so detailed, they take us six hours to complete. One ArchiCHECKUP is included in the Platinum plan, plus you can add these to other plans at discounted rates. See Plans + Pricing for discounted rates and discover more details at


The Instant Power of a Pre-Linked Template — The BIM6x Power Kit is a powerhouse of efficiency, based on the culmination of all our expertise. It is the result of thousands of hours of development and represents a solid foundation for your template, potentially saving hundreds of hours or re-work. It is included in the Platinum plan, plus you can add these to other plans at discounted rates. See Plans + Pricing for discounted rates and discover more details here.


Help on Tap—In our line of business, we have great relationships with brilliant ARCHICAD users. If you are in a crunch or just want project help without hiring new staff, let us know. We can put you in touch with the best in the business.